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The marketing and distribution industries have always been the most important links between the manufacturers an d the consumers. The rapid expansions of the overseas retail markets, the change of the trading patterns, and the increasing transformation to e-Business all contributed to the reason why the marketing and distribution industries have long since become the industries with the highest value-added. With the need to promptly respond to the fast innovative distribution industries, and to train the marketing and distribution management professional in order to reduce the operation costs thus increase the competitive power of the enterprises on one hand; to make up a deficiency of all round professional in current business management field, to improve the goods distribution systems and to seize the business opportunities on the other hand – training marketing and distribution management professional is the first priority.

Hence, Department of Marketing and Distribution Management was established in year 2005 with the goal to entail the techno-institutional students exploring their entrepreneurial careers and to breed professionals who have both marketing concepts and retail sales management techniques. Base on industry-orientated requirements, our courses consist of two main modules:
Dual - Core Courses: ─ Marketing and Digital Application ─ Logistic Operation and Store Management
Dual - Objective Programs ─ License/Certificate Achieving ─ Empirical Operation
The target of our department is to train professional workforce with both humanities accomplishment and business skills, “Marketing Planning” and “Logistic Operation”, in “Wholesale & Retail”, “Logistic & Warehouse”, and “Advertising & Marketing” industries. Furthermore, we educate two categories of professional knowledge, which are “Marketing and Digital Application” and “Logistic Operation and Store Management” to make students become marketing and distribution talents with heart and smile.
The spirit of our department is “Brighten the Students’ SMILE”. Through our six teaching characteristics, our students are talented workforce with “Quality Service”, “Macro Vision”, “Innovation Thinking”, “Focus Learning”, and “Enthusiasm”. Let students get employment right after graduation.
Promote “3+1” specific goal to let students have: 1. One Marketing license/certificate 2. One Distribution license/certificate 3. One competition proof outside the school 4. One internship certificate or One industrial project
I. Occupation Industry According to logistic service industry and other related industries’ workforce demand and industrial development tendency, there are three primary industries: 1. Wholesale & Retail Industry 2. Logistic & Warehouse Industry 3. Advertising & Marketing Industry (Based on industry category of 104 Job Bank and 1111 Job Bank)
104 Job Bank
1111 Job Bank
II. Occupation Position
Our department trains students to get the first job in following dimensions: Consumer Analysis: Survey Personnel & Activity Planning E-Marketing: Marketing Planning & Website Marketing Sales: Sales Assistant & Sales Specialist Retail Service: Sales Teller & Reserved Staff Customer Service: Service Personnel & Service Specialist Warehouse and Transportation: Warehouse Personnel & Logistic Personnel
III. Future Career Development
The future career development can be distinguished into following dimension: Consumer Analysis: Planning Manager & Project Manager E-Marketing: Marketing Manager & E-Commerce Manager Sales: Sales Manager & Operation Manager Retail Service: Store Manager & Regional Manager Customer Service: Service Director & Service Manager Warehouse and Transportation: Warehouse Director & Logistic Manager
IV. Higher Degree
The information of master degree in Marketing and Distribution Management Major:
National Chung Hsing University Department of Marketing
National Chung Cheng University Graduate School of Marketing Management
National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology Marketing and Distribution Management
National Chiayi University Graduate Institute of Marketing and Logistics/Transportation
National Changhua University of Education Graduate Institute of Marketing & Logistics Management
National Chin-Yi University of Technology Department of Distribution Management
National Pingtung Institute of Commerce Marketing and Distribution Management
Ling Tung University Department of Marketing and Logistics Management
Lucky Sign
The meaning of lucky sign: Camel played an important role in anti Silk Road. People use camel as a tool to deliver information and products. It not only contributes the business between China and Western Region, but also increases racial harmony. Therefore, camel represents trading and transportation, which is the spirit of Marketing and Distribution Management Department. Eyes: See the market. Sense: Find the opportunity. Camel hump: Full of energy, and advance bravely. Camel hoof: Travel aboard, and connect the world. The spirit of camel, which is responsible, endurant, and steady, is the goal of logistic—mission must research. The heart with serious, enthusiastic, and smart can take the difficulty and success. It is the learning goal of marketing. The camel in yellow represents vitality, and red means passion. As our expectation, we hope our student can be a marketing and distribution talent with creative, optimistic, sociable, and high IQ, EQ, & tolerance.
The Department provides a 4-year daytime undergraduate program to high school graduates. Currently, we have over 300 students enrolled in year 2011. Each of two class sections will accept 60 students. The admission of majority new students is through recommendation and College Entrance Examination. For sophomore students interested in transferring to the Department, applicants need to take a transfer examination hold by school during summer time. The number of students accepted will depend on the vacancy of each sophomore class. If you have any questions about admissions to our undergraduate program, please call our office: 886-4-24961100#2298 or email to our department: susan@mail.hust.edu.tw
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